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Groups and Classes


For us to be able to provide optimal care, you will need to come to one Individual Assessment Session before attending your first group. Please call our office at 816-781-2349 and say you are interested in attending group and need to set up a client profile and schedule an assessment session with Norman Haney to be able to attend group. Regular assessment rates apply.

We currently do not have any groups running.  If you would like to see a specific group in the future, please fill out a group request and we will notify you as soon as a group is available. To gain more information about a group, click on the group that you are interested in below.
Support Groups

Group Therapy for Depression

Group counseling for depression provides you with a safe and accepting place to discuss your frustrations and fears with others who are experiencing depression. In group therapy for depression you will be able to receive help from a licensed professional to be able to learn coping skills to deal with or overcome your depression. 

Image by Aliyah Jamous

Group Grief Counseling

Group grief counseling   offers a different quality of support and connection that comes from being with people who have also recently experienced a loss. Grief therapy groups provide emotional support, validation, and education about grief.

Support Groups

Group Therapy for Anxiety

Group therapy for anxiety is designed to help you practice new methods of dealing with situations that might lead to anxiety. In a safe group environment, you are encouraged to confront your anxiety and change the way you think and feel about certain social circumstances so you can use these skills in real-life anxiety producing situations.

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Anger Management Group

 Anger management refers to a process. It can help people identify stressors.  The goal of anger management therapy is to teach people how to examine their triggers. It also helps people adjust how they look at situations. Successful anger management therapy develops healthy ways for people to express anger and frustration. People learn steps to help them stay calm in anger management. They may then handle tense situations in a constructive, positive way.

Image by Grzegorz Walczak

Group Therapy for Addictions

 If you are working to overcome an addiction, whether it is a porn addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, phone addiction, gaming addiction, shopping addiction or addiction of another type, let our addictions counselor help you find the the strength to overcome your addiction.  This addictions counseling  group allows you to have honest, confidential discussions in a judgment-free environment and uses the concepts of the 12-step program to support addiction recovery. 

Image by Michael Longmire

Group Therapy for Drug Aubse or Alcohol Abuse

Group therapy is a great option for individuals struggling with substance abuse of any kind. This group is taught by a substance abuse counselor who uses the concepts of the 12-step program to help you overcome your drug use or alcohol use. Group therapy and social support are they key elements to a successful and lasting drug and alcohol addiction recovery program. Substance abuse group therapy sessions allow you to interact with others on the journey to sobriety.  Group therapy offers you the opportunity to start building strong peer support networks and connect with others on a deep level while receiving direction from a licensed professional.

Business concept image of a businessman

Group Therapy for Co-Dependency

In a co-dependent relationship (aka "relationship addiction"), people tend to form and become dependent on unhealthy, emotionally harmful relationships; one person enables another person's addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement by doing things such as bailing your partner out (of jail or financial problems), repeatedly giving him or her another chance, ignoring the problem, accepting excuses, always being the one trying to fix the problem, or constantly coming to the rescue in other ways.  This group is designed to help couples  or individuals in co-dependent relationships to stoop the enabling behaviors and create a healthy relationship with appropriate boundaries.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Couples Communication Class

This is a four week class taught by Norman Haney,  a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master's degree in Social Work.  He has international experience in therapeutic intervention and holds vast clinical knowledge and expertise in the field of marriage and family.    He brings over 30 years of experience to the table and has helped thousands of couples improve their communication in their marriage.  This class is for any couple who is wanting to strengthen their marriage through improving communication skills. Class topics will be covered as follows:

Week 1: Discover why couples have relationship difficulties

Week 2: Learn strong communication skills

Week 3: Develop problem solving techniques

Week 4: Gain knowledge to avoid setback and develop a positive ongoing relationship

Image by National Cancer Institute

Make Group Request

Not seeing a group you were hoping for?  Please send a group request to help make sure we are meeting the needs of the community.

Addictions Group
Depression Group
Anxiety Group
Drug Abue Group
Codepency Group
Couples Communication Class
Grief Group Counseling
Group Request

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Multi Generation Family Piled Up In Gard

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Marriage Counseling

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Christian Counseling

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Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy Groups and Classes

Group Discussion

What is the difference between a therapy group and a class?

Classes--A class has a single fee at the beginning of the course. Although the class is taught by a therapist, it is simply a self-help course so there is no paperwork that is filled out and no therapy notes written.  Clients register for the course and a pay a one-time non-refundable fee before beginning the course. The class will meet weekly for a 4-week period.  If you missed registration for a current class, you will need to wait and register for the next class.


Group Therapy/Group Counseling-- Group sessions are a continuation of therapy.  Therapy notes will be kept for each group counseling session as part of your client record.    For us to be able to provide optimal care, you will need to come to one individual assessment session before attending your first group so the therapist can get to know you and your specific situation and make sure that a group will be the right fit for you. After completing an assessment and upon therapist approval, you can begin attending your therapy group. Therapy groups meet once a weekly and any fees due will be collected at the time of service.  There is no specific end date to the group, you may join the group at any time during the cycle and continue doing group as long as you would like.


If I can't make a group or class meeting, do I need to call and cancel?

No, you do not need to call our office to cancel a group or class meeting. However, if you are attending a group or class because it is required either by court order, probation, or other mandated reason, it may be helpful to you to have a reason for missing a meeting on record.  There are no late cancel or no show fees for groups and classes, however if you miss a class meeting, since the class fee is due in full at registration, you will just be forfeiting that portion for the class fee. You will NOT get a refund for any class meeting missed.

Group Picture

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