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Children Counseling
Child Therapy Ages 7-14
Near Kansas City in Liberty MO

No Therapists Available

When it comes to your children, you want to be sure to pick the best counselors in the Kansas City area.  Our therapists spend a large percentage of their schedule helping children ages 7-14.  Young children come with some uniquely challenging issues, so it is important to choose a specialist who understands how to relate to them and who can teach them the skills that they need to overcome even the toughest situations.

Currently we do not have a therapist who works with this age group.

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Emotional Issues

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelmed, Fearful, Suicidal Thoughts or Mood Disorders

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Defiant, Oppositional, Parent/Child Conflict

Image by Japheth Mast


PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Mental Abuse, Domestic Violence, or other disturbing event

Child In Hospital Bed

Health Issues

Hospitalization, Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness

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Behavioral Issues

Issues at School, Out of Control or Trouble Following Directions

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Death, Divorce, Loss or Bereavement


Attachment Disorder

RAD, Abandonment, Trust Issues or Trouble Creating Meaningful Relationships

Image by Ratiu Bia

Self Esteem Issues

Poor self concept, Shame, Guilt, or Body Image Issues


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Social Issues

Loneliness, Poor Social Skills, Bullied or Bullying or Problems with Getting Along with Others

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Hyperactivity, Poor Attention Span or Problems Focusing

Image by Luke Pennystan


Electronics Addiction, Video Game Addiction, Pornography Addiction, Sex Addiction, Food Addiction, Etc.

Bright Living Room

And More

We have multiple therapists allowing us to serve a wide variety of needs. Call our office with any questions.

No Therapist Available

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Counseling by Type

Multi Generation Family Piled Up In Gard

Counseling by Age Group

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Marriage Counseling

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Christian Counseling

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Norcon Family Counseling

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