Covid 19

How are you keeping clients safe during the Corona Virus outbreak in Missouri?

All therapist at our office will be offering clients their choice of teletherapy or in-person sessions during the Corona Virus outbreak.  If you or the therapist is around someone who is sick or has tested positive for Covid-19, the scheduled session will need to be moved to a telehealth session.  Any client who lives in Missouri can take advantage of teletherapy and do therapy virtually from the comfort of their own home or in another private location.  This will be done using a HIPAA secure virtual technology that would be very similar to other one-to-one video conferencing apps such as Skype or Facetime.  Our program is very easy to use and does not require clients to be technologically savvy. Clients simply receive an email link and then click on the link to begin the session. There is no need to download any apps or anything like that. Simple. Safe. Secure.  Visit our home page to see detailed ways we are keeping the office safe.  

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How long is a session?

A session will generally last about 55 minutes.  We always tell people to allow at least an hour in their schedule when making appointments.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Because the therapist has reserved a full hour for you, there is a fee for late cancellations. Although many therapy office charge the full session fee for a missed appointment, we understand that life happens.  Therefore, canceling within 24 hours of your appointment will result in a $50 late cancellation fee.  Not canceling AND not showing up for your scheduled appointment will result in a $75 no-show fee.  These charges are not covered by insurance and are your responsibility. We have this policy because if you cancel within 24 hours or do not show up, then it is difficult or impossible to fill that spot, even though there are clients who would want that appointment.  If you have two or more cancellations and/or no shows your may be limited or prohibited from scheduling additional appointments

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How often do I meet?

Clients generally meet on a weekly basis at the start of therapy.  This has proven to be the most effective way to build upon the progress made in the previous week.  As the client progresses, the therapist and client will determine what the best interval of sessions will be.

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Is my child old enough for therapy?

Each therapist accepts different ages of clients.  'At this time, we have a therapist that works with children as young as seven years old.

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What can I expect when I come in?

Therapy is different based on each individual's needs and will be customized to what will be the most effective for the client.  Therapy itself involves you and the therapist sitting down and talking and working through the problems that are hindering you.

In a child's situation, therapy will depend on what the therapist feels will provide you with the best results and will be the most effective. For the first appointment, the therapist typically meets with both the parents and the child.  For follow up appointments, the parent may be asked to join part of the therapy session and therapy may involve a mixture of child and parent at times together or separately; although the majority of the session will be held with the child being seen.

Medicine Prescription

Do you prescribe medicine?

No.  Many clients are able to overcome their trials without the need for psychiatric medicine.  If a psychiatrist is deemed necessary, our therapists can provide a referral for you. Studies have shown that those clients who need medicine are most helped by concurrently participating in therapy.

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Do you have a drug & alcohol program?

Yes and no. We do NOT have an in-patient program.  However, we have many clients who struggle with drugs/alcohol that we see in individual and/or group therapy.  This is an effective method because there you will be able to work on the issues that are promoting the addiction in the first place and the specific consequences of the substance abuse.  Our clients struggling with addiction will meet generally once a week but sometimes up to three times a week depending on the individual circumstances.  If you are doing therapy for a Probation and Parole requirement or some other mandatory program, please make sure our therapists credentials will meet your requirements. We do NOT offer drug testing of any type.

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