Groups and Classes

Groups and classes can be cost effective ways to seek professional help and guidance.  Our groups and classes offer a wide range of topics from stress & anxiety to substance abuse.  The groups and classes offered will depend on public interest and turn-out.

Group and Class Registration Help

Class Registration:

  • Both New and Current clients, please select "View Details" button on the desired class below, add desired enrollment ticket, select "Checkout" button, then complete the Enrollment Form and Payment section.

Group Registration:

  • For us to be able to provide optimal care and indiviualized help, you will need to set up a new client profile and come to one Individual Assessment Session before beginning your first group. Please call our office at 816-781-2349 and say you are interested in attending group and need to set up and schedule your assessment session. (Regular assessment rates apply.)

  • Current clients, please call our office at 816-781-2349 to let us know which group you are interested in joining.

Addictions Group is every Monday at 5:30pm
Register NOW before space runs out!
Upcoming Groups/Classes
Addictions Group with Norman Haney
Mondays at 6:00 PM
Norcon Family Counseling, 20 Westwoods Dr, Liberty, MO 64068, USA
Are you struggling with an addiction? This group is designed for any addiction, so whether you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, gambling, pornography or something else, it will be a tool to help you overcome your addiction. This group will use the 12-step program as its guide.

Mondays at 6:00 PM 

temporarily postponed due to covid-19

Group & Class FAQ

What is the difference between a Group and a Class?

The main difference is that a class is NOT therapy, it is a self help class.  There is no paperwork that is filled out and no therapy notes written.  A group is like individual therapy in terms of paperwork, insurance, therapy notes, and patient privacy.  A class has a set number of times the class meets.  Generally, a class meets once a week for 4 weeks.  Once a class starts, no one else can join the class.  They will have to wait until a new course begins.  A group meets once a week and there is no specific end date to the group.  Topics may go in a cycle but people can join a group at any time.  A class has a fee that is due at registration and any class meeting that you miss will NOT be refunded.  A group has a fee of $45 due at each group session attended.  If you miss a group meeting there is no fee.

Does insurance cover anything?

Classes: Insurance DOES NOT cover the cost of a class because a class is NOT therapy, it is a self help class.


Groups: Insurance may cover some or all of the cost for group sessions. Call our office today for your free no-obligation quote at 816-781-2349. 

If I can't make a group or class meeting, do I need to call and cancel?

No, you do not need to call our office to cancel a group or class meeting. However, if you are attending a group or class because it is required either by court order, probation, or other mandated reason, it may be helpful to you to have a reason for missing a meeting on record.

Is there a fee if I miss a group or class meeting?

There are no late cancel or no show fees for groups and classes.

If you miss a class meeting, since the class fee is due in full at registration, you will just be forfeiting that portion of the class fee.  You will NOT get a refund for any class meeting missed.

Do I need to attend an Assessment session with the therapist before beginning group?

Yes. The therapist needs to meet with individuals for an assessment session before he/she attends group for the first time.  This helps the therapist assess individual needs and helps each person be able to get the most out of the group sesssions. Regular assessment  rates will be charged for the session.     

Do I need to register for each group meeting I am going to attend?

No.  Once you register for a group, you can come to any group meeting that you want. You just pay the group fee of $45 at each meeting.  You register once for a group so we can send you the required paperwork and for us to gauge interest in the group.

Can I join a group or class that has already started?

Groups: Yes, you can join a group at any point as long as you register first and if the group has room for new members.

Classes: No, you cannot join a class that already has started.  Classes generally consist of 4 meetings and then a new class will begin.  Once a class has started, registration for the next class will begin.

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