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Are you looking for someone who has extra training and experience in working with children and adolescents?  When it comes to your children, you want to be sure to pick the best.  These therapists are excellent at helping children in the age group specified below.  Young children and teenagers alike come with some uniquely challenging issues, so it is important to choose a specialist who understands how to relate to them and who can teach them the skills that they need to overcome even the toughest situations. 

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Seth Haney is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master's degree in couples and family counseling.  He has over 15 years of experience working with children and their families.  Seth is talented in working with adults and children alike, whether in an individual, or family session.  He specializes in child and adolescent therapy including foster care, adoption, and trauma.  He has a background with over 5 years of experience working as a lead therapist with adolescents in a residential facility.   Seth is trained in teaching DBT skills and certified in EMDR, a therapy technique used to help those who have dealt with trauma, abuse or loss.  He also is well acquainted in working with military families and the unique circumstances that they encounter.  He has strong values and is very comfortable at providing Christian counseling.  Seth has a warm personality and people immediately feel comfortable around him; yet at the same time, he has the skills and knowledge needed to encourage change and growth in even the most difficult of circumstances. 

Child (ages 7+), Adolescents, Adult Individual, Family, EMDR, DBT Skills, Christian Counseling

Seth Haney, MA, LPC, EMDR


Norman Haney is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master's degree in Social Work.  He has international experience in therapeutic intervention and holds vast clinical knowledge and expertise in the field of marriage and family, which stem from his experience within the youth centers, state correctional systems, and psychiatric hospitals.  Norm also was a clinical director of a local leading residential mental health agency.  He brings 30 years of experience to the table and has helped thousands of couples, individuals, and families in our community through his counseling.  Norm specializes in couple counseling and also in addictions.   His special ability to help those who are either struggling with addiction or within their marriage has created an outstanding reputation for him in our community.  He has a strong Christian base and provides Christian counseling to those he helps.   Norm is charismatic and enjoys working with people.  He knows how to work with even the toughest of situations and has a natural talent of reaching people that few others have.  Norm frequently has clients who have tried numerous other therapists come to him and through his unique approach they find the counsel and insight that they have been searching for in order to overcome that which had seemed impossible to do on their own.

Adolescents (ages 12+), Adult Individual, Couples, Family, Addictions, EMDR, Christian Counseling

Norman Haney, MSW, LCSW, MAC

Independent Contractor

Brooke Williams is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  She is certified in Child and Adolescent Counseling as well as Play Therapy.  Brooke has over 10 years of experience working with the public and three years in a therapeutic setting working with children who have experienced trauma.  She has completed over 30 hours of Theraplay training and over 40 hours in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Brooke has a love for children and helping others and is described as loyal, funny and empathetic. Brooke is easy to love and puts a high emphasis on building relationships with her clients.  Clients respond well to the creativity, positivity and validation that she brings to therapy.  Brooke is attuned to her clients needs and finds joy in empowering clients to meet their own goals.  

Children ages 4-12 Individual Counseling

Brooke Williams, MS, LPC, RPT

Independent Contractor

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